May 19, 2022 • 17M

Meet OfferFit: the prodigious MarTech putting AI into A/B testing

In this episode of Conviction Hunting, we chat to CEO George Khachatryan to hear how OfferFit went from idea to actuality

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Annabel Acton
It’s no secret that the most important early-stage investor to win over is yourself. In this podcast, we’ll hear from founders about how they built conviction to go all in on their startup.
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Victor Kostyuk and George Khachatryan, co-founders of OfferFit

As marketing has moved from mass, to hyper personalised, we’ve come to expect offers to appear to us in the right place, at the right time, in the right tone. To do this normally requires A/B testing – but OfferFit have changed the game with their elegant AI product that allows marketers to achieve true 1:1 personalisation, without the need for A/B testing. In this episode of Conviction Hunting, we chat to founder and CEO George Khachatryan and hear how he took the plunge to build a business that not only improves marketing outcomes, but helps marketers get out of the weeds of A/B testing, and focus on the more creative elements of their job instead.