Mar 30, 2022 • 16M

Inside AfterWork: how co-founders Adrian Petersen and Alex Khor built the conviction to go all in.

In this interview, hear the story firsthand of how two best-friend founders moved from angel investing to building a VC for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Annabel Acton
It’s no secret that the most important early-stage investor to win over is yourself. In this podcast, we’ll hear from founders about how they built conviction to go all in on their startup.
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As investors, we’re always intrigued to uncover founder’s personal motivators and journey to start their business. The celebration of our first birthday seemed like the perfect time to share our own founding story and offer an unfiltered glimpse into the earliest days of AfterWork. In just a few short years, Alex Khor and Adrian Petersen built a new type of VC; one that was community-powered and on a mission to do things differently. In this episode of Conviction Hunting, we hear how they methodically, strategically and passionately took the plunge to turn AfterWork into their life's work.