Mar 8, 2022 • 17M

Meet Blakthumb - the Saas platform revolutionising indoor farming.

In this episode of our Conviction Hunting podcast, we interview Mel Fyfe, CEO & co-founder of Blakthumb.

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Annabel Acton
It’s no secret that the most important early-stage investor to win over is yourself. In this podcast, we’ll hear from founders about how they built conviction to go all in on their startup.
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Blakthumb is a software company that provides an intuitive end-to-end operating system for indoor agriculture; specifically food and cannabis production. Both industries are skyrocketing; and producers need help managing their complex processes in order to increase output. All too often, they rely on clunky spreadsheets or keep large tabs of data in their head to achieve this. While other software solutions in the space have focused squarely on compliance or environmental control, overlooking critical parts of the growth equation. 

Blakthumb changes the paradigm by providing a solution that focuses on optimising operations and teams. This matters. Streamlining complex processes make it easy for producers to consistently increase output; while also making teams more cohesive and content (cannabis in particular is notorious for high staff turnover). In this episode of Conviction Hunting, we chat to CEO and co-founder Mel Fyfe on how she got the idea for Blakthumb and how they're building a business focused on impact.